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Since the age of 13, when her grandmother gave her a birthday present of wire, sheet copper, pliers, and metal shears, Barbara Zucker-Pinchoff has been making jewelry. Encouraged by that wise grandmother, Barbara's early interest quickly turned into a life-long passion. Once she began, she became addicted to experimenting with the design and execution of personal adornments. Within a year, Barbara was taking every jewelry-making course offered at the Craft Students League in New York City. She was happiest in the studio, with kilns roaring, torches flaring, tweezers grasping tiny gems.

Not only did Barbara Zucker-Pinchoff make jewelry. She studied jewelry, researched it, and sought it out in all its forms, traveling around the world once and then concentrating her studies in far-flung and exotic places - Turkey, Tanzania, Morocco.

Barbara's "other" career as a physician was cut short in 1997. She developed a life-threatening allergy to latex, and as an anesthesiologist, could no longer practice. It was a wrenching turn of events, but she decided to take the challenge, and change careers, returning to her love of creating fine jewelry.

Now, introducing five distinctly different lines of jewelry, the Knitted Necklaces, the Melting Drops line, Contemporary Antiques, Nature's Gifts, and Spirals, Barbara Zucker is making a formal debut. But this new presentation is really a culmination of the jewelry-making that has been central to Barbara since she entered her teens. Her workmanship, her concepts, her distinctive designs have matured. One look at Barbara Zucker's work confirms the obvious: she has attained the status of master jewelry-maker.